Looking for a children's beginner piano or Vocal teacher in Bristol?

Having two children myself I knew how hard it was to find children music teacher who would teach them from an early age, real Music!  

I can teach beginner piano lessons using a program from the USA, Color Me Mozart program, designed to teach children music from aged just 2.5 years old.  Using shapes, colours and letters, the program is all you need to get started on your Child’s musical journey. 

I also teach children vocal lessons from aged 6, online or from an academy in Worle.  Teaching children the basics of how to use the vocal, vocal technique and repertoire pieces.


Child Piano lessons Bristol
Beginner piano lessons bristol

Color Me Mozart is a book that teaches kids how to read and play music at a very young age, in a fun and dynamic way!

These classes are a music program, direct from the USA,  based around learning the Xylophone and Piano.  We learn about colours, shapes and letters through music by playing games and activities!

Color Me Mozart is a music learning system for kids that has been developed  The goal wis to create a way for kids to learn music without it being boring or tedious, using recognizable concepts like shapes and colours.

We encourage our children to explore the world around them through music, movement and song in a secure and exciting environment. Our interactive, fun-filled sessions offer a structured program of developmental activities for babies, toddlers and pre schoolers. Our aim is to enhance the development of:

  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Spatial awareness
  • Confidence Concentration
  • Social skills
  • Musicality and rhythm
  • Numeracy skills
  • Speaking and listening skills